Crossing the Great Deep

Once I stood at the edge of life
Clothed in a mortal body,
Leaving the shores of the only home I knew;
To cross the vast ocean of experience
To a fullness of joy in the
Promised Land of glory beyond.

I now stand at the edge of another
Crossing of the great deep.
I see that my vessel has been prepared
“Tight like a dish” by the Lord
For this challenging voyage.
Yet, I am unsure and
Overwhelmed by the mere size
Of all the possibilities for failure and success.

So I cry in mighty prayer.
How will I steer?
How do I know what course to take?

He gently says, “Trust me, I will steer for you.
I will go before you to prepare the way.
I will see you safely to the journey’s end.
By my mighty power, through miracles
I will open the heavens to move you
Victoriously through all opposition.
Follow me, for I am the Way!”

How do I keep my spirit alive?
How do I breathe when the waves overpower?

His words ring in my ears,
“In the world ye shall have tribulation:
But be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world.
Follow my instructions and you will have the
Blessings of my sustaining spirit to always
Be with you, giving you power to
Endure to the end full of abundant life.
Take my name upon you.
Remember me and
Keep my commandments, for I am the Life!”

How do I see clearly in all the darkness?
How will I understand what is truth?

“What would you have me do?” He replies,
“What tool do you choose by which to see?
I am the truth and the light of the world! “

I follow a pattern in scripture.

I go to a high mountain top,
A holy place of conversion,
Commitment and covenants.
High above the natural man world;
There in a state of perfect stillness
I listen.
I wait.
I come to know God.

With my skill and talents I
Work hard to create tools for light.
16 stones, a painting, a poem.
A life.

The fire of the Holy Ghost
Burns out my impurities
Over and over again,
Until I am transparent as glass;
A clear molten orb able to
Receive and give Light.

I have faith that the touch of His
Finger will make my 16 stones,
My painting, my poem,
My life glow with His light,
Be made strong by His power and
Grow into the fruit of His vine.

With trust in the Lord’s ability to steer,
I now step into the barge “tight like a dish”
Facing the unknown with faith.
My covenant provisions are close by me.
My willingness to obey hatch is secure.
I am clothed in the full armor of God,
Carrying my 16 glowing stones for light.
I am ready to experience yet another
Crossing of the great deep to bring
Me closer to the Promised Land

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My Walk in Sacred Places

My Walk in Sacred Places

In a grove of timbers, a place for questions and answers,

When the soil of my heart is soft and my prayers reach high,

Messages of light, truth and love come and hope springs forth.

Christ strengthens me during the pains of my Gethsemane’s.

He teaches me the lessons I must learn through these trials.

I feel His embrace of grace as I surrender to Him, my will.

I carry my burdens up a Calvary hill to an open place of honesty.

I hang my darkness upon my cross to release and let it die.

It is time, it is enough, I freely give my sorrows and sins to Him.

Deep inside my soul, behind a stone, Christ’s transforming

Power creates in me a new way of living and loving.

I am reborn with wings that carry me to a higher place of being.

My Walk

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My Savior and Me

This Easter week I will share poetry about Jesus Christ.

”My Savior and Me”

My Savior rescues me from the darkness out and the darkness in.

My Savior supports me in all my many trials and with Him I win.

My Savior gives me joy in the sunshine and peace in the storm.

My Savior provides me life in a glorious body and an earthly home.

My Savior speaks to me in everything around and the small voice within.

My Savior loves me when I am righteous and even when I sin.

My Savior comforts me in my sorrowing and when I feel alone.

My Savior answers me when I knock seeking and opens up my vision.

My Savior teaches me by the life He lived and line upon line.

My Savior calls me, I am a willing branch and He is the vine.

My Savior raises me from physical death and spiritual pain.

My Savior leads me toward life eternal and forever He will reign.


Garden Tomb

“Garden Tomb”

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Today is a world-wide day of fasting and prayer for our world. Writing strengthens my faith and brings me peace.

Listen copy small

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Called Home

As missionaries worldwide return home early my heart goes out to them. I too returned home early from my mission several months ago for health reasons. I know. This poem flowed into me at 4 in the morning. I have hope that there is a holier, higher purpose to this pandemic storm.


Called Home small

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A Great Pause…


During the Covid 19 pandemic while behind closed doors, I wrote this poem. I feel, surprisingly, a lot of peace.

Great Pause small

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Good Fruit

The allegory of the Olive Tree in Jacob 5 is happening to me as I work with the Lord in His vineyard.


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Within 2 copy

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I am wounded from life.
I am down and hurting.
Hold me.
Comfort me.
Wounds you cannot know
Are deep inside my silent soul.
I am down and hurting.
Help me heal.
Help me learn.

“Be still and feel the love
Around you my brave warrior.
Wounds carry wisdom.
Lean on me for strength.
See, I have many scars.
I too am wounded
And hurting.
I too am loved,
And strengthened.
You will rise up.
Our story has not ended.”


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“Prayer of my Coming”

This year I am recording creatively my journey to more                                              fully coming unto Christ, some of which I will share.

Today as I journey on the path in Thy kingdom
Expand my vision and increase my wisdom.                                                                              Answer my seeking prayer on bended knee.
Open up my eyes to see what Thou canst see.                                                                          Prepare my mind for new understanding
As I listen and respond to the Spirit’s guiding.                                                                            School my desires to be one with Thy will.
Lead me to sources of pure oil, my lamp to fill.                                                                            Help me stand in the truth, faithfully waiting.                                                                     Soften my heart as I humbly seek forgiving.                                                                                Aid me as I strive to build good ground.
Strengthen my weakness and heal my wound.                                                                                Assist me to know what I lack yet
To be able to hang up my fishing net,
And more fully come unto Thee.

fish net

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